The quickest way to learn is to try to all work together with your instructor and use your car to practise what have been doing already with your instructor. Your instructor will guide you as to what to do in your own car then you will learn quickly which is the whole point of going out in your own car isnít it. People who learn in this way have the most success and need the least number of lessons.



Practise what youíve already been taught correctly to do. Makes sense doesnít it!

The person sitting alongside you in your own car is not an instructor and so usually big problems develop with arguments, slamming of doors ďYou drive the **** thing then!Ē even worse, causing an accident. So do things properly!



Consider yourself extremely fortunate to have someone brave enough to sit alongside you and if they are allowing you to use their own car too then you are really lucky. It will improve your experience and therefore your chances of passing first time enormously so DONíT ABUSE IT!


Make your passenger feel comfortable, if they're on the edge of their seat then you've got it wrong!

DRIVE SLOWER. They will not be impressed by speed for SPEED + INEXPERIENCE = DISASTER!!


If you've only been driving one vehicle you won't have experienced how different one car feels to another. Even if the cars are the same type they will still feel different. Your efforts in a different car will be frustrating for it will be like starting off all over again. Stalling,. Kangaroo-ing, doing diabolical gearchanges and wandering all over the place. Just when you were trying to impress how good you are! Donít whimper! Itís all utterly predictable and your passenger (although perhaps having a worried look) will half expect it.


How do experienced drivers seem to have no trouble when driving different cars?

They put on a bit extra gas when first pulling away until they get used to it.

ALWAYS allow the clutch up slowly and smoothly

ALWAYS be ready to put the clutch down again if you pull away to fast




Drive slow enough to be able to get used to the car

LOOK AHEAD more so as to avoid stopping unnecessarily

Brake EARLY when slowing down

DON'T PANIC IF YOU STALL but are able to restart the car and move off again safely


Don't argue! It's very stressful for them too and they're not instructors so will get things wrong. If you want to discuss something then pull in safely and discuss it. Don't try to discuss complicated issues whilst you're driving!


As they are not an instructor, they will say the wrong things and SHOUT when they feel alarmed so it can be very frustrating. If it's not working then stop doing it for awhile until your ability improves so you need less "instructing". Unfortunately a lot of learners get "put off" by bad experiences when out in their own car and sometimes stop altogether but really it is more often the "instructor" who is causing the problems by expecting to much and not planning the route to suit their abilities


The QUICKEST way to learn is to use your car to practise what you have already been taught correctly by your instructor so keep up your lessons and use your own car as a bonus to gain experience


The SLOWEST way to learn is to go out in your own car, gain every bad habit there is (If you practise bad habits then youíll become very good at them!) and leave it to your instructor to sort out the mess