Vehicles with automatic transmission are fantastically easy to drive –one pedal to go faster and one pedal to go slower, that’s all you have to do. No clutch or gears to worry about, no stalling or rolling backwards on hill starts, you just put it in D and forget all about gears until you get to where you want to go. Autos take all the hassle out of driving so you can concentrate more on what’s happening around you, making driving much safer and a lot more enjoyable for you

In the UK there seems to be a ridiculous and unnecessary pressure to learn to drive a manual drive car with no better reasoning than "because that’s what I did” but there's a LOT more traffic on the roads these days and many more hazards than people experienced who learned years ago

Sometimes it just a simple case that someone has an old manual drive car down the drive that “you can have when you pass” but that's just a way of finding a use for an old wreck and just puts pressure on you to learn in a manual, it's just nonsense. If you lived in the USA they’d wonder why on earth you want to drive a car with a manual gearbox. They’d ask “Do you intend going racing or off road? No? Then why have the hassle?

It's a real shame but we reckon there must be thousands of people in the UK who will just have given up ever trying to drive by getting to grips with clutch and gears AND cope with today's traffic but these same people could be driving around totally independently now if it wasn't for the silly advice and pressure they had from others to cope with a manual

Then, just to add insult to injury, many people learn to drive manual cars but then get fed up with the constant clutch and gear changing required driving around town and swop over to automatics. More people over the age of 40 change to driving an automatic especially if they’re driving in busy traffic all the time



“Autos are more expensive to buy” Second hand car prices are about the same and autos will have less maintenance problems as the engines and transmission will not have been worked so hard

“They’re more expensive to maintain” Autos are less likely to go wrong because they have less moving parts and often have a fluid clutch.

Garages can't repair them! This is just nonsense. Most garages are equipped to deal with repairing automatics

“They use more fuel” We find people use more fuel in a manual drive car because the auto will change gear for you at the best time

“I’ve heard Autos are bad in bad weather conditions” New developments mean modern autos allow you to have mush more input and can control which gears are selected. Most will allow you select different power settings like Sport or Normal or Smooth especially for icy conditions as well as being able to prevent the auto changing gear if conditions dictate. But for most of normal driving we just select D and off we go. There are now tiptronic automatics where you can either let the auto decide to change gear for you or you can take charge and change gear yourself at the touch of a finger. The possibilities and options have never been greater and passing in an automatic now means you can also drive an automatic AND change gears if you want to, as well. So you actually have more choice than someone who drives a manual drive car

“I like to change gear and be more in control of what gear I'm in" Have you seen a modern automatic? There are so many varieties the mind boggles. This is a picture of a Porsche 911 with tiptronic gearbox. Auto or manual? You decide. You can have the best of both worlds in that you can leave it totally automatic or have it change gear at the touch of the gear lever

So there you go, driving an auto these days means you can get on the road faster, need less lessons, enjoy your driving and be safer. You can let the car do the gears or do them yourself. If you hire a car abroad you'll find more automatics than ever, just try and get a manual car in the USA!

Automatics are becoming even more popular now, especially as our roads become more and more congested and the number of hazards we have to deal with increase daily. The money you save on lessons could be better spent on having fun or maybe buying a better automatic when you pass


There's a lot of them but, most of all, you can be on the road and driving MUCH quicker in an auto. Things that seemed insurmountable problems in a manual are a breeze in an auto

Once you pass your test then you will have learned already what we call the "head skills" of driving and if you want to change over and take a manual car test later then it would be a mere formality where you would most likely need no extra tuition

Once you pass in an auto then YOU ARE DRIVING! No matter what you want to do later, you are driving NOW and, for most people, that's what they want and the sooner the better!