Everyone is different and you need to have a range of abilities in order to drive so it's impossible to guess.

How highly do YOU rate yourself at these attributes?

COORDINATION? Do you play sports?

KNOWLEDGE? Do you know your HIGHWAY CODE inside out?

OBSERVATION? Are you very observant?

DECISIVE? Can you make decisions under stress without help?

RESPONSIBLE? Do you take the safest option or do you take unnecessary risks? Are you over confident in your abilities?


"Yeah but how many hours will it take?"

It will take around 20 hours to explain the theory of what you have to do. The rest of the time will be taken up with coaching YOU to be able to DO those things so how long you take to learn depends ultimately on you!

10 hours? Not a hope

20-30 hours? If you have a car for practise, do all the right things at the right time, if your parents teach you well, you do not gain any bad habits and you learn your highway code with maximum effort from square one then maybe!

30-40 hours? This is more of an average if you have a car for practise and work hard during your lessons

40 -50 hours? Not bad if you don't have a car for practise

50-60 hours? Ouch!Had a few problems along the way

60-70 hours?Wow you were tough to teach! Thankfully we don't get too many like you

70 plus hours? The buses aren't that bad!

The irony is the less lessons you have, the less experience you have and therefore you are more likely to fail your test and perhaps have an accident in your first year of driving. You can never have enough lessons as we are always learning. Even after we pass, we go on learning. When an examiner says "I'm pleased to you've passed" then they are not saying you're brilliant. What they are saying is that maybe you can go on learning on your own now without needing to be accompanied

Remember that once you have passed you are on probation for the first two years after passing and if you get into trouble of your own doing then you go back to learner status

You can never have enough experience. Money spent on driving lessons is money very well spent. Your life depends on it!