More persons decide to take refresher courses than ever before and for all sorts of reasons. You've passed your test but maybe you havenít driven for a while, been away at University or have just not needed to drive. Whatever stage you are, we will be able to help you improve your knowledge and capabilities. Not just to the standard you were before but to a level where you can safely drive wherever you wish with renewed confidence.


Firstly we will do an assessment to find out where you are and find out what you wish to be able to do. From there we will formulate a plan with you.

We will use a progress guide so that you can see your progress easily.



We will help you achieve your driving goals whatever they might be. You may want to use your car for driving to work, shopping areas or motorway driving .

Whatever your needs, we will be able to put you on the right track.Most people taking refresher courses surprise themselves just how quickly they regain their confidence and are driving in no time.

What people say about our refresher courses:-

"I was back on the road again in no time! I only wished I'd done it earlier!"

"It's changed my life"

I just felt inconfident after not driving for so long but you made it seem easy