You are allowed to warm up with a practise session to get used to the system before starting your actual test and staff at the centres will be on hand to help candidates who have any difficulties in using the system.



Only one question will appear on the screen at a time, and candidates will be able to move backwards and forwards through the questions. You can "flag" (ie mark with an indicator) any questions you want to come back to and it will be easy to change any answers. The system will also tell you if you have not completely answered a question


You will have 60 minutes to answer 50 questions and the pass mark is 43/50. Persons suffering from dyslexia or other reading difficulties have the opportunity to hear the questions through a headset and you may be allowed extra time to complete the test. Once you have completed the theory test you have a short break before moving on to the Hazard Perception Test



How long does it take to find out the results?

Straightaway. All candidates will receive their test results before they leave the test centre. With your results there will also be feedback on question areas which answered incorrectly.

Do I need to be computer literate?

No, you won't need any keyboard skills

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